How Casinos Make Us Gamble


There’s something magical about walking into a casino, stepping through the glass doors and being surrounded by all the glitz and glamour. But that’s not by accident, casinos are consciously designed to maximise profits and keep you playing for as long as possible. It starts with the high ceilings, beautiful decor and easy-to-navigate layout, but there are other tricks in play that go far deeper. From the lights and slot noises that remind you of pennies dropping (even though coins stopped being used a long time ago) to the smell of certain fragrances wafted through the ventilation system, these tactics all have one thing in common: they work on our senses to increase play.

Another way that casinos make us gamble more is by luring in compulsive bettors. These individuals are usually referred to as “whale bettors,” and they are a major source of revenue for casinos. They can spend hours at a single machine, trance-like and disconnected from their problems. This allows them to escape into their gambling zone, where they don’t have to worry about money or other issues. In fact, some people may spend entire days in their casinos, ignoring their families, friends and even their own health.

Legalized gambling is also a huge money maker for many communities, helping them avoid cuts to essential services and keeping property values up. It can even boost average wages in the area where it’s located. But, even with these positives, casinos can have negative effects on players’ well-being, especially when they are in a compulsive gambling state.