What Makes a Casino Successful?

Despite their twinkly lights and free cocktails, casinos stand on a bedrock of mathematics engineered to slowly bleed patrons of cash. For years mathematically inclined minds have tried to turn the tables on this rigged game, but a casino’s house edge and variance make it nearly impossible for anyone to walk away a winner.

While the majority of a casino’s profit is made from slot machines and table games, the most important element for players when choosing an online gaming site is the choice of games offered. Having an extensive selection of top games from industry leaders (like NetEnt and Amatic) and fresh innovative software providers like Pragmatic Play and Endorphina, is crucial for building up a casino’s reputation.

The iGaming world is constantly evolving, and the number of games available has exploded, making it hard for a single operator to have all areas of expertise in-house. Having a solid partner network and a team of experts that specialize in different parts of the business is essential to offer the best possible service to the customers.

Few movies do a better job of showing what Vegas is really all about than Martin Scorsese’s Casino. From the sex and violence to the greed and treachery, this movie has it all and makes us all feel for Sharon Stone’s character Ginger McKenna. While most casino movies only scratch the surface of Vegas’s history, Casino gives you an inside look at how the mob controlled a city that now mints billions of dollars in gambling profits.